Graphic Design Services for the Hobart Area

Saunders offers detailed signage audits to give you a snapshot of the signs you have and the condition they are in. We can provide a photographic and written catalogue of the location, number, size, type and physical condition of your existing signs-vital information for ensuring well-maintained signs, or if you are considering a branding change.

Signage survey

A signage survey captures the exact measurements of specific signs, ensuring that the manufactured product matches your specific site requirements. Our surveys cover such things as building cladding, sign location, potential site hazards and local regulatory requirements.

Signage consultancy

Great signs cost the same to produce as ineffective ones—and the difference between the two often comes down to obtaining the right advice. Our experienced sign consultants are available to meet with you to advise on the best signage solutions for your business.

The Saunders Signs team have over 50 years of combined industry experience and the expertise to advise you on the right signage for your needs. Your corporate requirements, site location, traffic flows, customer demographics, physical environment, budget, trading hours, and even your business's marketing thrust are all taken into account to advise you on the most effective signage for your business.

Graphic design

There is a world of difference between putting words and images together, and creating a professionally designed sign. Saunders’ talented, qualified graphic designers work to create high-impact, effective signage, providing advice throughout the design stage of your project from initial concept through to final production.

Our designers can supply a detailed layout of each sign you require. Designs are then previewed as a photographic overlay, to give you a real sense of how the design will work on-site, and ensuring your complete satisfaction with your design prior to manufacture and installation.

Signage manufacture

Our purpose-built manufacturing complex is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling the in-house production of a huge variety of signs.

Saunders’ innovative technology includes the latest in flat bed UV digital printing equipment, capable of printing CMYK colours, onto solid substrates up to 1220 mm wide x 2440mm long x 50 mm thick. We also offer rollprint solvent printing up to 1900 mm wide, and a state-of-the-art, flat bed CNC router with magic eye facility to accurately rout out pre-printed shapes. This facility has the capability of routing sheets up to 3000 mm long by 1500 mm wide and in a variety of thicknesses.

Our manufacturing capability also includes custom metal and plastic fabrication, vehicle signage application, screen and digital printing.

Sign installation

With up to three installation crews on hand, Saunders Signs is capable of providing rapid turnaround for sign installation, including state wide and corporate projects. No job is too small, too high or too large—with our high-access equipment including scaffolds, large cherry pickers and cranes.

Traditional signwriting

Originally, all signs were hand crafted using traditional signwriting methods passed down from generation to generation. Now, true signwriting jobs, using fine paint and airbrush methods, are a rarity due to the speed and efficiency of grand format digital printers.

However, traditional signwriting is still the best method for certain applications and one that we are proud to offer you. From the largest billboard, to a cheap and cheerful window splash, to gold leaf lettering—Saunders Signs has it covered.

Sign maintenance

Every sign deteriorates over time, which is why sign maintenance is essential to the ongoing, effective presentation of your business’s professional image. Our sign maintenance service, including re-lamping, cleaning and part replacement, returns your signs to their original high quality condition, to put your best face forward to your customers.

Council applications and permits

In most instances, new signage requires council or other permits before it can be legally installed. Saunders can assist you with the preparation of documents and drawings in support of your permit application, including provision of structural engineer's certificates, underground services location, TasNetworks and Shopping Centre permits.

Managed Production Process

Using state of the art production management software, Saunders Signs are able to accurately schedule sign production to ensure it is ready when you want it. Many sign companies manage their workflow using manual systems, which can allow jobs to 'fall through the cracks' and get 'lost in the system'. At Saunders, we manage each job automatically giving it a 'due date', and if it is set as a firm date, then our system ensures it happens when promised.

Our guarantee to you

Your satisfaction is paramount to Saunders Signs, which is why we offer a comprehensive 12 months warranty on all our products and services. While we make every effort to ensure the quality and integrity of each sign that we provide, if a problem does occur, we will happily repair or replace any defective parts within the specific warranty terms for that product.

At Saunders Signs, we stand behind all that we sell—guaranteed!

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