Neon, LED and illuminated SIGNS FOR HOBART, TASMANIA

Neon signs are extremely bright and particularly effective in creating a vibrant image at night. Neon tubing can be bent, making it ideal for creating lettering that glows in the dark, or straight sections which can highlight a building outline. Alternatively, it can be placed in a shop window or used to complement your illuminated sign.


LED (light emitting diodes) signs feature an array of extremely bright electronic lamps which can be used in changeable message centres, or in Flexi-Neon tubing. Flexi-Neon looks like neon, but is virtually unbreakable, and therefore suitable in situations where neon is not practical.


Illuminated signage is designed to attract your customers’ attention 24/7. These signs feature a sign box with translucent graphics which is illuminated from within by bright fluorescent light. Illuminated signs can be supplied with high impact or flexible face materials, are able to withstand high wind loads and are resistant to vandalism.